Kellye Glass

Kellye Glass

FNP-C, Clinic Director

Kellye Glass, FNP-C, is a Family Nurse Practitioner, board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and licensed by the state of Mississippi. Kellye was born and raised in Saltillo, MS. She graduated from Saltillo High School. Kellye dreamed of being a nurse since she was a little girl. On career days at school, she refused to dress in anything other than scrubs. Kellye’s passion in life is taking care of others and having an impact on their healthcare in a positive way. Kellye started her nursing career as an LPN, receiving her degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College in 2008. She received her Associate degree in Nursing from Northwest Mississippi Community College in 2011 and her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women. She worked as a nurse in ER, med-surge, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and acute care of the elderly (ACE) settings. Kellye then decided to further her career as a Family Nurse Practitioner, graduating from Union University, earning her FNP certification.

Kellye strives to provide the best quality care available to her patients. She loves taking the time to really get to know her patients and coming up with a health plan that is individualized for each patient. Kellye’s goal is to diagnose, come up with a plan, and treat her patients according to up to date evidence-based practice guidelines. She enjoys procedures including laceration repairs, sutures, and performing incision and drainages.

Kellye and her husband Carl have 4 children and one dog. She loves spending time with her family and vacationing at the beach. She also loves to read as often as she can. Kellye enjoys working in her flower beds and spending time with her husband.


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