Do I need the Emergency Room?

Do I need the Emergency Room?

Knowing the difference between choosing urgent care vs emergent care is important. Only you can decide what’s right for you or your family. However, these items below can help you make an informed decision, should you need help, medically.

Conditions in red below, are generally considered for ER visits. Those in black text are usually suitable for Urgent Care services like RedMed.

Urgent Care vs. Emergent Care (ER)

Wheezing or Shortness of Breath / Difficulty Breathing

Cold or flu symptoms / Severe chest pain

Allergic Reaction (Rash) / Allergic Reaction (Anaphylactic Shock)

Bicycle injury / Motor vehicle injury

Broken bones or sprains / Broken bones protruding through the skin

Headaches / Head injury

Eye irritation / Eye injury or sudden vision changes

Painful urination / Severe back pain

Constipation / Severe Abdominal Pain

Nausea or vomiting / Seizures

Minor cuts or burns / Major cuts or burns


We hope this information helps your decision the next time you ask, “Do I need the Emergency Room?”


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